Intelligent Operation Centre

Pioneering The Future of Efficiency & Intelligence

We have implemented our own Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) to optimise operations and enhance decision-making capabilities. This IOC is a centralised platform that integrates advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, and automation, to drive business operations in real-time.

It serves as a command and control hub, bringing together data from multiple sources within the company’s ecosystem, specifically in relations to facilities management, security, energy consumption, and maintenance.

Key Features of IOC


Tracks and analyses data from different sources for timely reporting and effective work planning.


Allows access to various kind of data and filtered information based on relevant parameters for more efficient decision making.


Sharing information, coordinating tasks, and facilitating efficient workflows that bring value add activities in our ecosystem.

Effective Risk

Allow incident-tracking and efficient response to events and emergencies for pro-active operations and business management.

We adopt an ESG approach

Enhance business competitiveness and productivity, and contribute to a more sustainable future with our solution. Unlock the full potential of your organisation today!

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