Industrial Park Management

In our capacity as Industrial Park Manager (IPM), we oversee the management and upkeep of all industrial parks while offering comprehensive solutions to transform industrial parks into thriving business environments, whether you have an existing brownfield site or are planning a greenfield development or whether your industrial park is MIP certified or not.

Main Roles of IPM

Ensuring the industrial park area is always in good condition, clean, comfortable and safe for investors, manufacturers, factory workers and all members of the public working in the area.

Overseeing the planning, maintenance, development, compliance, and efficient operation of infrastructure facilities within the industrial park area.

Managing and maintaining the welfare, well-being as well as safety of the workers as well of al public members within the industrial park area.

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We adopt an ESG approach

We deliver on our ESG commitment through a range of initiatives that reflect responsible and ethical business practices in our aim to create long-term value for our clients, partners and stakeholders.

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