Centralised housing for migrant workers in Klang

“Centralised Housing for Migrant Workers in Klang”

The Star News, 9 August 2023 –

PKNS aims to address the national agenda of supporting the implementation of the Employees’ Minimum Standards of Housing and Amenities Act 1990 (Act 446) by providing adequate CLQs in Selangor.

By establishing the CLQ in Bandar Sultan Suleiman, PKNS is catering to the needs of concentrated factory workers in the area who serve as an asset to the state’s industrial development.

The lack of dedicated workers’ accommodation in the region has led to the current scattered living arrangements of workers in nearby flats and apartments.

SPV Management Co, a joint venture between Inter Great Group of Companies and PKNS FM Integrated, a subsidiary of PKNS, will manage Laman Lestari and oversee the welfare of the workers.

The completed development facility will be leased on a long-term basis to SPV, ensuring a comprehensive approach to management and operations.

The planning stage includes careful assessment, giving special consideration to the social impact while integrating diverse amenities and facilities within the CLQs to minimise the necessity for workers to venture outside for their daily needs.

Stringent management protocols will be implemented to ensure safety and prioritise workers’ welfare.

A comprehensive range of digitalised management services are provided too.

These services encompass vital aspects such as workers’ movement monitoring, prevention of document falsification, verification of workers’ legal status, efficient rental management, meticulous inventory records, enhanced security services, comprehensive maintenance and regular on-site inspections.

These measures are designed to safeguard the workers and maintain adherence to regulations and protocols, fostering a secure environment within CLQs.

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